So what's this all about?

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2005. It’s where I got my first formal (or informal) education in the Digital Marketing space. I learned everything from Paid Search(Adwords) to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to Article Marketing(not so relevant these days).

The Beginning:

As mentioned, when I first got the bug of becoming an internet entrepreneur I new I had to find the most efficient way of getting a reliable, organized education. After quite a bit of research I came to find WA to be the best fit for my situation. Once I finally joined, let me tell you, I was overwhelmed. It had an abundance of courses, trainings, forums, tools, and every other necessity you’d need to get started.

9 Years Later:

As of now, I’m still a member of WA but I’m not as active as I used to be. I tend to login once a week or so to help others out and simply to give it a once over to see if there are any new gems. The reason for my decision to be less active is simply because I’ve literally gone through every course and have had a massive amount of experience in the space where it’s not nearly as valuable as it was when I first joined. Nothing against WA, as I’m still a member, it’s simply not a tool I need to be using daily.


If you’re on the fence about joining Wealthy Affiliate I don’t blame you. It’s a monthly cost of around $50(I believe) and it’s always scary to join a membership site if you aren’t completely confident in what you’ll get. My biggest advice is continuing your research. I will let you know the majority of sites you find online on the subject are going to be from affiliates themselves, so take their review with a grain of salt. Bottom line, WA is a good place to start. It’s full of more training than you will ever need and has a forum of like-minded people you can bounce question off of and mastermind with. You’re not going to get rich overnight, maybe not even in a couple years, but if you do the work you will learn a lot and the possibilities are endless. Do you research, make a decision, and take action… Go get it!